Evidenz – nothing but healthy energy - drop for drop

The special geology at Haan is the basis for this extraordinary natural mineral water. Created and developed by the original nature, Evidenz conveys the energy of the prehistoric rock formations to our body. Because of its special properties Evidenz is easily and quickly absorbed by the cells, and just as quickly rinsed out of the body, loaded with the residuals and harmful substances from our metabolism:

  •   low in sodium
  •   suitable for baby food
  •   good for detoxifying and cleansing diets
  •   reduces sedimentation in the body
  •   assists cells in the essential water intake
  •   absolutely pure, untreated and natural
  •   no nitrates, no nitrites, no uranium

To ensure the unique quality of our products we treat them with utmost care – from the spring right to the bottel. Find out more about our quality here.